We Are Warriors: That’s Why I Ride

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In 2019, I took the challenge. With my kids front of mind, I trained. I psyched myself up. I could do this. After all I gave birth to these two. I took care of Isaac when he was diagnosed at just 18 months with T1D and then just a year and a half later, peeled myself up from the bathroom floor after learning that 5 year old Ava had it too.

I rode. I learned to pace myself through the long stretches of road, to push up the hills knowing that on the other side would be a wonderfully fast, scary downhill. It felt familiar. The peaks and valleys. We’ve done this before — us T1D Warriors.

T1D changed me, my family. Last year my Sonoma ride changed me too. It gave me more fight that I didn’t know I had, more strength physically and mentally and a goal of 100 miles that I didn’t quite reach. This year with a new place, Tucson, same goal, 100 miles, and same fight, this disease, I’ll Warrior on for my kids. And that’s why I ride.

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We made it to the top. From L to R: Lauren, Joel, Maura, Me