Floyd’s 99 Joins the Fight Against Type 1 Diabetes, One Haircut at a Time!


Join Floyd’s 99 in August as they look to raise $350,000 this year in the fight against T1D and reach their target goal of $2 million dollars to commemorate the 10-year partnership. Stop in. Donate $5-$10 to JDRF and you’ll receive $35 in coupons to spend on hair in September and October. Value books can be purchased in stores or online. In addition, many Floyd’s 99 shops will be utilizing JDRF paper sneakers to collect donations in smaller amounts. Any client who donates less than $5 will be able to fill out a JDRF sneaker for display.

Floyd’s started as a local JDRF partner in the Denver market and grew to a national partner in 2012. Through their annual campaign, Floyd’s has contributed more than $1.75 million to JDRF’s mission since 2012.

Learn more about Floyd’s commitment to JDRF and find a location near you here.

To make a direct donation to JDRF in support of Floyd’s Campaign, visit here.