Caring for a Grandchild with T1D

June 10, 2021, AL
12:00 pm

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Grandparents and Caregivers
Join us on June 10th @ 12:00pm (PST) for a free virtual Zoom event.
Is there a Grandparent in your life who’d like to help care for your child living with type one diabetes (T1D)? If so, please invite them to JDRF’s upcoming event – Caring for a Grandchild with T1D! As you well know, there is a lot involved in taking care of a child with T1D – from carb counting, to managing blood sugar, to understanding how insulin is absorbed in the blood stream. Invite your parents and caregivers to come join JDRF for a virtual event that will provide grandparents with the knowledge they need to help care for your child living with T1D.

Dr. Saleh Adi, pediatric endo and JDRF Board member, will review what living with T1D means and what grandparents need to know to care for a child with T1D. Dr. Jennifer Schneider, physician, scientist and member of the JDRF International Board of Directors, will review the very latest in T1D research – from prevention and cure, to advances in technology to make it easier to live with T1D. Please make sure to invite the Grandparents to this informative event! Help them get the knowledge and tools they need to babysit your child!

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