A Nurse’s Guide to T1D

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A Nurse’s Guide to T1D: Find Answers to Your Questions

Hi there!

When it comes to type 1 diabetes (T1D), no one has all the answers. But nurses have a lot of them!

A few weeks ago, you and other members of our community sent in questions about life with T1D. Two top nurses stepped in to answer. Check out our top 10 T1D questions and the advice nurses gave in return.

Have a teenager struggling with T1D?
Here’s a nurse’s advice.

Unable to find the cause of fluctuating glucose levels?
Here are some possible reasons why.

Struggling to make sense of a recent diagnosis?
Here are three steps you can take to help.

Those impacted by T1D understandably have a lot of questions and we are all so grateful for the nurses who help us navigate this disease. These frequently asked questions (and answers!) are easy to share with friends, print out for your fridge or look back on when you need some guidance.

We hope they help,

Your friends at JDRF