Ask The Therapist Series

December 6, 2023
11:00 am (Eastern Time)

Are you a parent/caretaker of a child with type 1 diabetes (T1D), hoping to lower your family’s stress around diabetes and diabetes management? Hop onto this “Ask the Therapist” session with JoAnne Robb, MFT, mother of three children – two of whom live with T1D. JoAnne is a psychotherapist who also runs a coaching group for T1D parents and caretakers called Sweet Talk. Whether you are looking to gain perspective on your child’s diagnosis, get some thoughts on particular issues that you’re worrying about, or hear about how your challenges are similar to those of other parents with T1D kids, JoAnne will be available to answer your questions.

Meet the community while you talk about how to stay balanced with diabetes in your life. Stay on for a full hour of learning, or just jump on for a short time.

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