Walk to Cure Diabetes:Family Team Coaching Sessions Schedule


Walk to Cure Diabetes:Family Team Coaching Sessions Schedule

The 2013 Walk to Cure Diabetes Family Team Committee will be providing coaching, answering questions, help setting up your participant center, uploading your contacts, give suggestions and more during the next two weeks during the Family Team Coaching Sessions. Make plans to attend one of the coaching sessions we have planned this week and next! This will be great time to come for one-on-one help to help and learn more about fundraising, getting help writing your letter, setting up your personal page in the participant center, uploading contacts and asking questions to help make your family team the most successful it can be!

The first coaching session is tonight, July 23rd  at Atlanta Bread in Fayetteville from 4-7pm.

Please email lsivewright@jdrf.org if you plan on attending tonight! If you are unable to make it tonight, you can choose any of the following times to attend!

7/24/2013 – Fayetteville/Atlanta Bread Co., 4-7pm

7/25/2013 – Springdale/Onyx Coffee Lab, 4-7pm

7/30 /2013– Rogers/Atlanta Bread Co., 5-7pm

7/31/2013 – Rogers/Atlanta Bread Co., 5-7pm

All coaching sessions are drop in, so come at any time!

See you there!