Happy New Year from the JDRF Arkansas Chapter

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Happy 2020!  Your daily routine should be getting back to normal now that the holidays are over.  That’s a positive for the parents of a child with T1D, right?!  Although your little T1s probably enjoyed the laid back time of the holidays, it can wreck havoc on blood sugars.  Something else that can ruin blood sugar control?  Sick days.  Check out the article below on how to handle sick days.  But remember, working with your doctor is the most important resource, especially if the illness is something that can lead to a hospital visit.

Are you a JDRF Advocate?  Did you know that JDRF has government advocates in Washington, D.C., who work with volunteers across the country to secure government support for innovative Type 1 Diabetes research. Also, our experts collaborate with regulators and health plans to help the entire community benefit from treatments and therapies.  You can be one of those volunteers, using your voice to encourage our government officials to support the diabetes community.  Go to the link below to sign up today!

Sick Days and T1D

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