News from the Arkansas Chapter

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I think we can all say our lives have changed over the last several months.  If you’re like us, you are more than ready for everything to go back to normal!  If you’re new to type 1, you might be overwhelmed and scared, but we are here to help.  We have volunteers who are moms with type 1 kids who would be more than happy to talk to you.  Just let us know if you want to connect to someone.

If you haven’t found the JDRF website, now’s the time.  There’s so much great information there-from living with T1D, to research, to activities for the kids.  I’m including some links that I think you’ll find interesting.

Stay safe and healthy-that’s the top priority for you and your family.

T1D Resources

Lilly Lowers the Cost of Insulin

Virtual Connections

Education series on a variety of topics

Twitch TV

Live streamed guests, games, music and more with members of the T1D Community.

T1D and the Coronavirus: What You Need to Know