Spotlight on Annette Diaz, T1D Champion


With her father and husband in tow, Annette Diaz, a newly diagnosed T1D, made her way to Amelia Island, Florida to experience riding for the first time. Although she had never ridden in a JDRF Ride before, or in something similar, she completed a full 100 miles. First time rider, type 1, and completed the full 100?? This perfectly displays just how fearless Annette is.

Annette was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult and shortly after having spinal surgery to remove a spinal tumor.  “To be able to survive and then be told I’m type 1, I was determined. I wanted to be a part of a charity and something meaningful.” When asked why she chose to participate in ride she stated,

I didn’t want to run, but I can ride a bike. I refuse to let spinal surgery stop me and I refuse to let type 1 stop me from being active.

One of her favorite quotes is by the legendary John Wayne, “Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway” or in Annette’s words “It’s like saying what the heck am I doing, but I might as well saddle up and go for it.” And that’s exactly what she did (with Ride.) She went for it even if she was scared and unsure of the outcome. She hopped on her bike, threw fear behind her and went for it. Again, she is fearless.

She described ride as “a lifetime experience” and enjoyed it so much that she secured her spot at a new location as soon as 2021 Registration opened just this Wednesday. Happy riding, Annette! You are a T1D Champion.

Annette was one of a record breaking 1500+ riders who signed up within 24 hours or Registration opening. Join her in 2021 or for more information, visit

Written by Breana Badger