Streaming Assets

These assets will let your viewers know you’re fundraising for JDRF and help track your progress toward your goal.*

To use assets during your stream:

Use streaming software such as OBS, Twitch Studio, or XSplit to incorporate graphics and video into your charity streams.

To add graphics to your Twitch panels:

Click “Edit Panels” on your channel’s About tab, then click the + symbol. Select “Add text or image panel” and add the graphic.


Add logos to your stream or your panels to show that you’re fundraising for JDRF.

Panel Graphics

Add these graphics to your Twitch panels to make it easy for people to donate. Link the graphic to your Tiltify donation page.

Rufus Emotes

Add Rufus to your Twitch chat! These emotes are a fun way to spread the JDRF love during a charity stream. We’ve shared the following emotes on BTTV:






To use Rufus emotes: Find these on under Shared Emotes and select “Add to Channel.” Anyone who has BTTV enabled will be able to use and see these in your Twitch chat.

Fundraising Overlays

Embed a fundraising overlay in your stream to track donations and recognize your donors.

Maximum Overlay (900 x 100 pixels)

To use an overlay:
  1. Get the URL for your Tiltify campaign
  2. Replace the Tiltify portion of this URL with the portion shown in red
  3. Add this URL to your streaming software as a “new browser source” or embedded webpage.

Donation Alerts

Pop up a JDRF Game2Give thank you message when you get a donation. (Make sure to set up this alert for Tiltify donations, not for tips!)

Scene Transitions

You can play these transitions when you switch between scenes or camera views.

Stream Scenes

These animated graphics can be used before your stream starts or when you take a break.

Type 1 Diabetes Infographics

Display these screens to inform your viewers about type 1 diabetes and JDRF.


Here’s a selection of JDRF videos that you can play during breaks.

The assets provided are intellectual property and copyright to JDRF. They must be rendered and used exactly as supplied. For the logos, do not change spacing, alignment, or relative locations of the design elements. Do not change the proportions of any of the design elements or the design itself. You may resize as needed but must retain all proportions. For the videos, no edits can be made without the permission of JDRF. Any reproduction or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action by JDRF.

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