What is glucagon?

Glucagon is a hormone that helps the liver release glucose in order to raise blood-sugar levels. Like insulin, it must be administered via injection into the skin.

It is generally used when a person with T1D is unable to swallow liquid or food because of symptoms of hypoglycemia, including severe drowsiness, unconsciousness or seizures.

Glucagon is packaged in a kit with a vial of powder containing the medicine and a syringe filled with liquid to mix with the medicine. Directions for mixing and injecting the medicine are in the package. Read the directions carefully and ask your healthcare provider for more explanation, if necessary.

Do not mix glucagon after the expiration date printed on the kit and on the vial. Check the date regularly and replace the medicine before it expires.

After mixing glucagon, discard any unused portion within 24 hours, regardless of the expiration date. Store in the refrigerator after mixing.