JDRF No Limits Adult care kit

The JDRF No Limits™ Adult care kit is a free resource providing information and tools to educate, support and inspire newly diagnosed adults with T1D. You’ve got this; we’ve got you.


A new diagnosis of T1D is challenging at any age.  We’ve compiled the resources you need to get up and running in your new normal. 

I am Greater Than my Highs and Lows diabetes supply bag. A reminder that your T1D doesn’t define you.

Begin with Hope an introductory guide to type 1 diabetes (T1D) created with care by people living with T1D their families and medical experts. Learn T1D basics, what you should know about blood sugar and insulin, how to educate others about T1D, and where to find more information.

Bright Spots and Land Mines In this highly actionable guide, T1D columnist Adam Brown shares the food, mindset, exercise, and sleep strategies that have had the biggest positive impact on his diabetes – and hopefully yours too!

“I’m the Tougher than You Can Imagine Type” resource folder which contains:

  • An inspirational bookmark designed by T1D influencer Carly B @carly.with.diabetes
  • Colorful stickers for water bottles and more from the JDRF – Beyond Type 1 Alliance
  • An illustrated overview of low and high blood sugar causes, symptoms and treatments
  • Severe low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) treatment brochure: Gvoke™

Please note the Adult care kit is only available for adult (age 18 and older) who reside in the United States. Live outside the US?

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You Are Not Alone

Living with the burden of T1D can be overwhelming at times. But you’re never alone. The JDRF community has your back.