YMCA Swim Testing Policy

YMCA Pool Rules and Swim Testing Policy:

  • All participants must pass swim test prior to getting in the pool.   Swim test consists of 1 minute treading water and 25 yard swim.   Green bands are allowed in the pool without an adult. Red bands must have adult within arms reach.
  • In order to use slide, participant must be 48 inches tall AND a green band.
  • No food allowed inside of the pool gates.
  • Maximum of 80 people inside family pool at once.

Green band (deep water test): Swimmers must jump into water that’s over his/her head and return to the surface; they must tread water for one minute; they must swim one pool length (25 yards) unassisted and without rest. Swimmers must maintain a positive body position for the entire distance, starting at the deep end and traveling to the shallow end (if swimmer tires, he/she may be able to stand).

Red band (“non-swimmers”):  Those who decline or don’t pass the shallow-water test are considered “red band” swimmers. “Red band” swimmers must stay in water that’s armpit-deep or less and require an adult to be within an arm’s length and/or wear a flotation device.

NOTES:  Children with red bands may swim in the deep end if accompanied by an adult.  Intentionally wearing the wrong color band results in immediate removal from the pool.  Shallow water is in relationship to the swimmer.  For small children, the shallow end of the pool may still be deep water to them. Final competency includes having the swimmer or parent read all pool rules.  An adult (age 18 or older) must accompany any child who does not pass the swim test.  Swim test is 25-yard swim and one minute tread.