Recognizing Diabetes Change-Makers, Expanding Youth Access to Care Around the World


Research was the key to the discovery of insulin 100 years ago—prior to this breakthrough, people with diabetes typically survived a maximum of two years post-diagnosis. Research is also the key to tomorrow’s prevention and cures, and to improving lives now and in the future. To recognize diverse champions around the world who advance diabetes management through innovative thinking and novel approaches, JDRF Corporate Partner Lilly Diabetes recently launched the Leonard Award.

One winner will be selected in each of the five categories:
• Teens/young adults (18-25 years old)
• Advocates/advocacy professionals
• Endocrinologists/primary care providers
• Diabetes educators/nurses
• Researchers

In recognition of each winning individual, $20,000 (for a total of $100,000) will be given to Life for a Child to help expand access to care for youth with diabetes around the world. Inspired by Leonard Thompson, the first person with diabetes to be treated with insulin, the Leonard Award celebrates individuals making a difference though an original project, innovation, or effort that addresses either an important need or challenge in diabetes management or aims to support the community. Visit the Lilly website to learn more about the award and to nominate a T1D change-maker before August 31, 2021.

Questions? Reach out to Anthony.