Ravenwood High School Students Organize ACT Tutoring Service for a Charitable Cause


Naman Mukerji (left) and Aarush Desai (right) organize tutoring services benefiting JDRF.

The ACT is a standardized test for college admissions taken by over one million students annually, which can open doors to scholarship opportunities and university acceptances. So in the winter of 2021 when Aarush Desai achieved a 36 composite score on his ACT, and soon after, when Naman Mukerji achieved a 36 score, (attained by less than 0.35% of all test takers) they decided they wanted to make a difference.

Both students worked extensively for their scores, but they both shared a common belief: a high score on the ACT is attainable with the right mentorship and dedication. They also believe that this mentorship should not drain the wallets of those who aim to achieve a high score. That’s why they began an ACT, SAT, and PSAT tutoring service in the summer of 2022 which aims to not only provide meaningful and affordable tutoring services, but also supports a charitable cause: JDRF.

Naman Mukerji has lived with type 1 diabetes since the age of six, and JDRF has helped him every step of the way. So ever since he became a Youth
Ambassador for the organization, he knew he wanted to give back to the community. That’s why Naman Mukerji and Aarush Desai have pledged to donate 100% of all proceeds garnered from their tutoring services towards JDRF. Their tutoring sessions are completely donation based with no
upfront costs; rather, they would like to create a more accessible system which allows clients to donate what they believe is appropriate for the tutoring.

Naman Mukerji and Aarush Desai have opened their tutoring services online as well as in person in the greater Nashville area and are open for contact at act.jdrf@gmail.com. You can also donate to JDRF through Mukerji and Desai’s fundraiser page here.