Youth Ambassador, Max, Recognized by Rep. John Katko

Congressman Katko recognized Max with a Congressional Record of which he read on the floor of the House on 1/2/19 at the last session of the 115thCongress.  Congressman Katko was very gracious to Max and was very impressed with his knowledge and work with JDRF.

From Max’s mom, Kathy:

Congressman Katko was one of seven Republicans who voted with Democrats on the 6 bills sent to the Senate this Thursday– one of which included the protection of pre-existing conditions.  I thanked him for his vote and for remembering people like Max when voting. We chatted a bit more regarding the challenges of this disease and the challenges presented by the healthcare environment.  With any luck there will be some change in the future!

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Thanks to Max and his family for being such amazing advocates for JDRF and for bringing type one diabetes to the forefront in Central New York!