Staying Safe with T1D & Flu/RSV/COVID-19

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A doctor cares for a young child, with their parent.

It’s flu season. It’s also RSV season, and COVID is still going around. If you or a loved one has T1D, it’s incredibly important to be diligent, as any viral illness can be serious in people with T1D. If you do contract a viral illness, please seek medical guidance at onset—do not wait to see if symptoms improve.

Why is extra caution necessary? Sickness in those with T1D can cause:

  • Elevated blood sugars
  • Increased risk of diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Over the counter medicines to treat illnesses can also cause elevated blood-sugar levels

Learn more about being sick with T1D:…/living-with-t1d/t1d-and-flu/