Local Celebrity and Friends Track Meet to be held on August 24th

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Do you like to run? Are you competitive? Do you want to turn Type One into Type NONE?!

Join the Roach family on August 24th at Todd’s Stadium for a Celebrity Track Meet!

Check Gab out on 13 News Now talking about the event!

Gabrielle Roach, the founder of this event says, “I know this first hand how difficult T1D is because my younger brother, Trevor was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 8. He’s 13 now. That’s why we want you to participate in our first ever Celebrity Track Meet. It’s Saturday, August 24th, 8 am-noon at Todd’s Stadium in Newport News.”

Individual events are just 15 dollars a piece. The 4 x 100 relay is a total of 40 dollars. You can run multiple events- and do NOT have to be a competitive athlete!

Thank you and on your mark, get set, go!

Gabrielle Roach/ 10th grader- Menchville High School

Check out this link to register or donate