October Volunteer Spotlight: Brett Hartshorn

With Walk season just ending, we would like to thank Brett Hartshorn as our volunteer of the month! Brett, along with his fiancée, Laura, took on the role of recruiting, organizing, and leading the volunteers of the Pittsburgh One Walk. This was not an easy task, considering there were over 100 volunteers on Walk day! He was able to manage each volunteer and doing so with enthusiasm and a smile.  He was one of the first to arrive on Walk day, before 6am, ready to go! He worked tirelessly alongside the volunteers and JDRF staff until the event was completed. Although Brett does not have type 1 diabetes, he is so passionate about the JDRF mission. He volunteers at our Promise Gala and is member of the Emerging Leaders Committee. Thank you, Brett for your hard work and dedication to JDRF! It does not go unnoticed!