August Good News

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This summer, we’ve been collecting good news from the T1D community in an effort to spread optimism during a difficult time, as we navigate the challenges of COVID-19. Not only will this bring positive vibes to our JDRF community, but we especially hope it helps the newly diagnosed families who need some inspirational messages during this time!

Check out some of the Good News we’ve received so far!

“I got my Driver’s Permit!” – Joey

“I’m spending my summer playing baseball!” — Caleb

“I got accepted to medical school at age 18!” – Ashley

“I went to my first diabetes camp and had a blast!” – Brice

“I purchased my first house!” – Stephanie

“I got a kitten named Atticus!” – Evan

“I had a 6.5 A1C!” – Julie

“I am now a teenager and I got an awesome seatbelt cover that says I’m a T1D!” – Frankie


We need you to send us your good news as well! No good news is too small or too large. Send your news and a photo to Carling Nolan at to be featured on our social media pages and future newsletters!