July Volunteer Spotlight: Lauren & Peyton

Congratulations to Lauren White and Peyton Mrosko for being July’s Volunteers of the Month! Team Peyton and Lauren has currently raised over $2,500 for One Walk in Greensburg. They are relentless when it comes to finding a cure!

Peyton, 6, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost a year ago in October 2017. She has learned so many important things about managing T1D, and even advocating for herself by teaching her classmates all about T1D. She loves to play electric guitar, do karate and tumbling, as well as play with her sister. Lauren, on the other hand, is 9 years old. She was diagnosed recently as well, just in March 2018. She’s a very active girl—she loves to play outside, ski, swim and hunt with her Dad! She’s so enthusiastic about teaching her friends all about T1D, too!

Peyton and Lauren want people to know that type 1 diabetes has not held them back from being happy, playful, active, and strong kids. They decided to team up this year and raise money for the walk being held in Greensburg on September 29th, with a total goal of $8,000. Already over a quarter of the way there, they are one of the leaders of Westmoreland County! You go, girls!