JDRF Western PA T1D Champions

As a staff, we will be recognizing a few of the many ‘T1D Champions’ across our social media pages throughout NDAM! Each day during NDAM across JDRF Western PA social media pages, we will be posting photos and stories from our ‘T1D Champions’, showcasing their photos and sharing what they want the general public to know about life with T1D. We are so excited to share the stories of Western PA and hope you also choose to share these photos and stories far and wide on your social media pages! See below for a few of our T1D Champion stories – to make the photo bigger to read their stories, just click their photo!

If you have a T1D Champion story you’d like to share, please email us at ezikoski@jdrf.org!

Andrew Price

Colton Miller

Elijah Richter

Ethan Stenger

Joe Dowd

Joe Seifried

Kurt Keller

Lisa Cantalamessa

Mason Le

Mike Mariani

Missy Donovan

Sam Mistler

Tab and Lilly Mano

Tiffany Merovich-Winter

Kevin, Shane, & Addison

Braden Kellum

Payton Hostetler

Joey Trinkala

Brynlee Robinson

Abbey Miklos

Addi Rodenbaugh