Another JDRF Ride Season is in the Books!

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The 2018 JDRF Ride to Cure season was another huge success for Team Western Wisconsin, otherwise known as the Honey Badgers! Our Chapter was represented at all six rides that took place over the country. Team Western Wisconsin was compromised of 103 amazing riders who fundraised and trained all summer.  Together, these riders combined to raise $290,000 (& counting!) to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes. The JDRF Western Wisconsin Chapter may be a little biased, but we think that we have the best team in the country!

The 2018 JDRF Ride season kicked off in La Crosse, WI from August 9 – 12. The JDRF Ride to Cure in La Crosse featured 56 Honey Badgers: Jen Allen, Steven Bahr, Polly Berendes, Clare Borchardt, Eric Borchardt, Joe Brady, Jan Breisath, William Buchta, Drew Chandler, Bridget Chesbro, Amy Eager, Stephen Eager, Kathy Errthum, Tony Errthum, Margaret Finco, Jeanne Grist, Thomas Grist, Scott Hagen, Diana Henry, Kayla Howard, Megen Johnson, Jerry Jorgenson, Sarah King, Karen Lynn Klinkner, Kirsten Klinkner, Brian Koopman, Sara Koopman, Sydney Koopman, Kimberly Koppenhaver, Robin Koppenhaver, Kristina Krueger, Kurt Krueger, Chuck Kulas, Brenda Maxwell, Hannah Mueller, Josh Mueller, Scott Nelson, Stephanie Nottestad, Casey Olson, Brad Quarberg, Amanda Ruehl, Gwen Schroeder, Kinzie Schroeder, Katie Schuelke, Susan Schuelke, David Seitz, Eric Seitz, Jenny Sheahan, Thomas Sheahan, Jana Slinger, Drew Sullivan, Laura Walters, Alexander Weidner, Kathy Zander, Jake Zasada, Dean Zimmer.

Next up in the JDRF Ride to Cure season was Loveland, CO from August 23-26. This was a smaller sized Ride this season, but our Honey Badgers were well represented! Thank you to all 19 Honey Badgers who traveled to Colorado and participated in the Ride: Laura Bauer, Benjamin Brady, Joe Brady, Scott Conwell, Kathy Errthum, Bob Gorsuch, Kathryn Jenkins, Timothy Kritter, Sheila Magwire, Claire Odorico, Lisa Oxton, Stephen Ploch, Lesli Rumpf, Gwen Schroeder, John Stephens, Mike Sugden, Peter Thomford, Austin Van Wart, Kevin Williams.

After Loveland, the JDRF Ride to Cure season moved to the east coast for the Ride in Saratoga Springs, NY from September 13-16. This Ride may have only featured 3 Honey Badgers, but they did a great job of bringing the Wisconsin spirit to New York.  Congratulations to Jill Cardwell, Mike Cardwell, and John Franz, our wonderful representatives for Team Western Wisconsin!

The next JDRF Ride to Cure took place in Amelia Island, FL from October 4 -7. This has been a favorite venue for our Honey Badgers because who wouldn’t want to go to Florida in October?! Our Chapter sent 6 Honey Badgers to the Amelia Island Ride and it was a beautiful, but very hot day. We’re proud of our six rock star riders for completely this Ride: Lori Fons, Laura Jacobson, Will Jacobson, Lisa Oxton, Ann Steck, Mike Zimmer.

Once the Ride in Amelia Island was completed, the next Ride was in Death Valley, CA from October 18 – 21. This is a very special Ride to the entire program because this was where the inaugural event happened 20 years ago. The 13 Honey Badgers who made the trip out to California to participate in this Ride got to experience a lot of emotional celebrations: Michelle Alswager, Jeff Bauer, Will Birkholz, Cat Borchardt, Chris Howell, Keith Keil, Nancy Keil, Lisa Ruth Krueger, Gary Peak, Doug Purvis, Jim Sands, Jeff Steuer, and Kate Steuer.

The final JDRF Ride to Cure of season just took place in Santa Fe, NM from November 1 – 4. This was the first time the Ride happened in Santa Fe and we heard that it was beautiful! However, it was an extremely tough ride, so an extra congratulations goes out to the 6 Honey Badgers who completed this Ride: Mark Bleifuhs, Cindy Brady, Joe Brady, Courtney Odorico, Jon Odorico, Jody Strasser.

We are SO grateful for all 103 Honey Badgers, thank you for making a difference in the lives of everyone affected by type 1 diabetes! If you want to join the best team in the country, check out the newly released 2018 JDRF Ride to Cure schedule. We will be hosting a JDRF Ride to Cure Kick-Off with more information on Wednesday, January 9th at the Wisconsin Brewing Company. We would love to have you join us!