Good Luck La Crosse and Sonoma Honey Badgers!

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The first JDRF Ride to Cure of the season is almost here and our Chapter could not be more excited! Team Western Wisconsin, better known as the Honey Badgers, has 98 riders registered this year, all participating to help fund life-changing type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. These riders have been training and fundraising all summer and it’s almost time for our La Crosse and Sonoma Honey Badgers to get out onto the course and display all of their hard work. First stop? Our “hometown” ride in La Crosse, WI!

The JDRF Ride to Cure in La Crosse will take place on Saturday, August 10th. For the second year in a row, this is one of the highest attended rides for participants across the country! The beautiful area and friendly reception received by the riders, encourages many to travel across the country to participate in this venue. Team Western Wisconsin will have nearly 80 team members riding in La Crosse! Together, these Honey Badgers have already raised more than $118,000 for T1D research and they’re not finished yet . Good luck to all of our riders in La Crosse and thank you for helping to turn type one into type none!

La Crosse Ride Paricipants: Rylan Bahr, Steven Bahr, Charlie Baker, Patricia Batt, Jeff Bauer, Laura Bauer, Michelle Bauer, Polly Berendes, Catherine Borchardt, Cindy Brady, Joe Brady, Nate Brady, Emily Brenengen, William Buchta, Kaila Buehler, Brian Christian, Geoff Collins, Scott Conwell, Morgan Counts, Amy Covert, Rolan Covert, Missy Dickson, Kathy Errthum, Tony Errthum, Dave Ewanowski, Mayo Ewanowski, Bob Gorsuch, Scott Hagen, Gary Hartung, Chris Howell, Eric Howell, Jeff Jensen, Elizabeth Johnson, Nate Kilsdonk, Karen Klinkner, Kirsten Klinkner, Kimberly Koppenhaver, Robin Koppenhaver, Timothy Kritter, Lisa Ruth Krueger, Chuck Kulas, Valerie LaLuzerne, Kevin Lentz, Lexi Leum, Sheila Magwire, Spencer Mahlum, Brenda Maxwell, Rachel Maxwell, Scott Meyer, Josh Mueller, Riley Nelson, Rory Nelson, Scott Nelson, Traci Nelson, Tim Newman, Stephanie Nottestad, Courtney Odorico, Jon Odorico, Lisa Oxton, Brad Quarberg, Amy Raven, Devin Raven, Lesli Rumpf, Jim Sands, Gwen Schroeder, Kinzie Schroeder, David Seitz, Eric Seitz, Jana Slinger, Toni Smith-Jensen, Josh Stahl, John Stephens, Mike Sugden, Drew Sullivan, Chauncey Weidner, Kathy Zander, Dean Zimmer, Mike Zimmer

After the La Crosse Ride, the JDRF Ride to Cure will travel out to Sonoma, CA. The JDRF Ride in Sonoma is the only new venue for 2019 and the event sold out in under an hour! The Ride, which starts in Santa Rosa, snakes through Marin and Sonoma counties before reaching Pacific Highway 1. After capturing some stunning ocean views, Riders will return through the rolling hills and vineyards of Northern California. The Sonoma Ride will take place on Saturday, August 24th and Team Western Wisconsin will have 11 Honey Badgers representing. With about a month to go until the event, these riders have already raised nearly $25,000 for type 1 diabetes research. Thank you to all of our Sonoma riders, you are getting us closer to a world without T1D!

Sonoma Ride Participants: Michael Aguilar, Jen Allen, Mark Bleifuhs, Eric Borchardt, Diana Henry, Jody Montgomery, Gary Peak, Stephen Ploch, Michelle Possin, Amanda Ruehl, Kevin Williams

Good luck, Honey Badgers—everyone at the JDRF Western Wisconsin Chapter is rooting for you!