A Halloween Survival Guide

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Does Halloween make you nervous every year?

With just a few tricks in mind, Halloween can still be a treat for your T1D kid. While children across the nation are going to parties, running from door to door, and eating chocolates and candy by the bagful, there are ways that Halloween can still be fun for our us.

We know your T1D kid will be eating candy so we have included an awesome chart with your average Halloween candy and the carb counts to all of them! This would be a great print off to send to school with your child for the Halloween party in their classroom, post on the fridge so every time you child decides to sneak a piece of from their trick or treat buckets they can do it responsibly or keep it in your work desk so you too can enjoy the holiday to its fullest with a little less work and guilt!

Click here for the Halloween Candy Carb Counts List!