Supporting Our Students: T1D Network at Marshall University

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The Type 1 College Diabetes Network at Marshall University (T1CDN@MU) is a new student organization offering support and advocacy to students with type 1 diabetes. The mission of T1CDN@MU is to provide type 1 diabetes advocacy to promote a friendly campus environment for all students living with type 1. Three goals have been established for the 2018-2019 school year:

  1. Get students involved.
  2. Establish a “Buddy System” consisting of a group of four members; two members without type 1 and two members living with type 1. This mix will allow for support, friendship, and assistance when in need.
  3. Provide snack stations across campus for students when they have low blood sugar, fatigue, and have forgotten snacks.

This organization was started by Co-Presidents Haley Whiteman and Heather Hardyman. Also involved with the startup is Paige Rollins – Social Media Chair, Megan Chafin – Secretary, and Abigail Saxton – Treasurer. We are all so excited and delighted to be able to provide to the T1D community at Marshall University and to spread awareness of T1D!

Contact Information


Phone: Haley Whiteman, Co-President

(304) 838-0924

Heather Hardyman, Co-President

(740) 727-8436

Facebook: College Diabetes Network at Marshall University