Back to School with T1D


Back to School season can be an overwhelming time for students living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and their parents and caregivers. It requires paperwork, special planning and many conversations with teachers, school nurses and other students about T1D and how it’s managed at school. The good news is that with JDRF’s help, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed.

Before heading back to school here are a few steps to follow so you and the school are prepared.

  1. Arrange a general meeting for school personnel where you present a brief presentation on T1D in school age children. It should be a brief, basic review of the essentials of what T1D is and how it is generally managed. The end should focus on outlining your child’s specific plan. Assure the school staff that you want to build a partnership between the child’s diabetes care team and her school team.
  2. Before sending your child back to school, make sure that you have prepared a School Diabetes Emergency kit that stays in the school nurse’s or administrator’s office. Minimally, the kit should include:
    • Extra insulin, about a 2–3 day supply in case of emergencies like hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.
    • Extra insulin pen needles, syringes or pump infusion sets.
    • Low blood-sugar treatments.
    • Snacks, if your child’s management plan calls for them, like crackers, energy bars, etc.
    • A glucagon kit, the use of which should be reviewed with school personnel.
    • A brief outline of your child’s insulin regimen and meal plan.
    • And anything else that you can think of that would be important in the caring of your child by someone else.
  3.  Replenish the kit from time to time. Replenishing the kit from time to time also gives you, the parent, an opportunity to have face-to-face time with school personnel, checking in with them to see how things are going.
  4. Take the guessing out of carb counting, make sure to have everything labeled for your child’s care provider.  If your student buys hot lunch, look at the menu ahead of time.  Click Here for a carb count guide of common ‘back to school’ foods.

To help get you ready we will be hosting a Virtual Town Hall Event on August 5th called:  Returning to School with Diabetes. This is in partnership with ADA and Sansum Diabetes Research Institute – Zoom event at 6:00 pm ET.  Registration is now open.

For more helpful resources visit our website or Click Here.

We hope everyone has a wonderful start to the school year.  If you have any questions or need anything, please feel free to reach out to our office, 920.997.0038.