Thank you for making the Tailgate for T1D and Your Walk Your Way a Success!


Thank you to all who participated in the Tailgate for T1D or Your Walk Your Way. Walkers and sponsors came together on October 23rd and throughout the month as one community with one mission, taking steps together to move towards a world without T1D. It was amazing to be back together in person in Madison, Milwaukee and Stevens Point.  If you weren’t able to join us we loved seeing the photos and videos of your walk days – no matter how that looked for you!


We know that all of you have spent months telling your T1D stories and fundraising and we are so grateful for your efforts and continued support! Because of your efforts, to date we have raised over $300,000 to fund critical research for a cure! Thank you!

Congratulations to our top 10 teams!

  1. Noah’s SuperHero Squad $27,860
  2. Curse You Pancreas! $18,383
  3. Team Ellie ‘n Blayke $16,930
  4. Team Carson for a Cure $15,855
  5. Sophia’s Promise $15,673
  6. Caleb’s Crew $14,315
  7. DB’s for Diabetes $10, 005
  8. Team Lili $10,002
  9. Third Time’s a Cure $9,120
  10. Deegan’s Dream Team $8,135

Totals as of 11-3 @ 10:15am

Congratulations to our V1P Fundraisers!

Danielle Allard
Jenny Anderson
Afton Baier
Jameson Baier
Jaxton Baier
Luke Barczak
Tanya Bissen
Danelle Blazejovsky
Kylie Braam
Jean Divane
Kim Doering
Barb Esser
Carter Fandrey
Carrie Federwitz
Sherry Fickau
John Ford
Kathleen Ford
Elliot Gabrielski
Henry Gabrielski
Cheryl Guenther
Isabel Halbesma
Sarah Halbesma
Parker Hampton
Katie Hayden
Caleb Hicks
James Kabara
Tara Kielblock
Evan Kirkstein
Shannon Knowski
Todd Koeppel
Kristin Konrad
Nicole Konrad
Zakary Kosterman
Kelly Kozak
Amber Krueger
Charlie Krueger
Jack Krueger
Juliet Larson
Kate Lloyd
Leeann Luedtke
Michele Lusis
Aly Lynch
Jill Mack
Lila Mareno
Laurie Matthiae
Mark Matthiae
Sam McGovern-Rowen
Maddox McGuire
Jessica Miller
Blayke Mills
Ellodie Mills
Krystle Mills
Kaysee Otto
Addison Paul
Lucille Payne
Deegan Quade
Megan Quade
Kristina Raschka
Joanne Rash
Brian Rechek
Sondra Reynolds
Lili Roden
Nick and Carrie Roeglin
Leo Rowen
Sarah Skweres
Grace Tarnutzer
Chad Thompson
Jeffery Trendel
Nancy Tuman
Krista Tweed
Sophia Veit
Joan Vorpagel
Jake Zagar
Jeffrey Zagar
Eric Zebro
Lily Zebro
Melanie Zebro
Noah Zebro


To see more pictures visit our Facebook Page.

Thank you again for all who participated!