Welcome new board members and thank you to our retiring board members!

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This past year, we had an incredibly successful year, thanks to the amazing leadership of our community board of directors across Wisconsin. We are honored to highlight and give thanks to our new, returning and retiring board members.

For our Southeastern Wisconsin Community Board (Milwaukee), we congratulate our incoming FY23 board leadership:

  • President: Mandi Kirby
  • President Elect: John Ford

2nd term renewals include:

  • Lauren Hess
  • Sam McGovern-Rowen
  • Evan Kirkstein

3rd term renewals include:

  • Jeremy Baier
  • Jim Meyer

And we welcome in our new Southeastern Wisconsin board members!

  • Corinne Merten
  • Amber Krueger
  • Jim Kabara
  • Mike Bogard


For the Northeast Wisconsin Community Board (Appleton), congrats to our incoming FY23 board leadership:

  • President: Jeffrey Schofield
  • President Elect: Travis Jones

2nd term renewals include:

  • Becky Kaye
  • John Hein

3rd term renewal:

  • Robert Brockington

And we welcome in our newest Northeast Wisconsin board member:

  • Fred Kennerhed

For the Western Wisconsin Community Board (Madison), congrats to our incoming FY23 board leadership:

  • President: Josh Ostermann
  • President Elect: Courtney Odorico

2nd term renewals include:

  • Brandon Veit
  • Aaron Swenson
  • Jill Mack

3rd term renewal:

  • Josh Ostermann

And we welcome in our newest Western Wisconsin board members:

  • Laura Castrogiovanni
  • Jenny Sheahan
  • Scott Meyer
  • Eric Scharph
  • Matt Anderson
  • Madeline Erce

And finally, congratulations to our Executive Council chair positions:

  • Chair: Carver Smith
  • Nominating Board and Committee Development Chair: Laura Castrogiovanni
  • Leadership Giving Chair: Jim Meyer
  • Board Presidents: Jeffrey Schofield, Mandi Kirby, and Josh Ostermann

We have quite a few board members who retired from the board on June 30 – and we would like to say thank you to the following individuals for giving their time and talents on the board the past six years.

  • Karla Spika (Appleton)
  • Kalyn Robbert (Milwaukee)
  • Ed Catani (Milwaukee)
  • Brad Hoffman (Madison)
  • Brad Quarberg (Madison)
  • Joanne Rash (Madison)
  • Aly Lynch (Madison)
  • Lori Roden (Madison)

A huge thank you to this incredible list of dedicated volunteers!