JDRF Game2Give Streaming Resources

Let’s raise some money! On this page you’ll find all the resources you need to fundraise for JDRF on your streaming platform of choice.

Our next big streaming event will be August 13-22, 2021. Sign up for email alerts and we’ll keep you posted on plans for the event.


Streaming Assets

Download overlays, logos, and other JDRF assets to use during your charity stream.*

Fundraising Tips

Tips for doing a charity stream.

Fundraising Tutorials

Leading up to our August 2021 fundraiser, we’ll do weekly fundraising tutorials on our Twitch channel. Tune in live on Wednesdays at 3pm ET / noon PT, or check back here for links to the archived video each week.

Game Over, T1D 2021 Overview & Tips
JDRF Research Overview
Using Tiltify for Charity Streams
Making Your Charity Stream Accessible for People with Disabilities
Panel Discussion with JDRF Game2Give Streamers

We also recommend these archived videos. The information may be slightly out of date, but the tutorials can still help you prepare for your charity stream:

Using Diabetes Tech In Your Charity Stream
Charity Stream Tips & Advice (Panel Discussion)

Talking Points

General facts about T1D and JDRF to mention during your charity stream.

Pointing your viewers to specific research or initiatives that excite you can encourage people to donate. Make this easy by creating a chat command that displays the URL of a page on JDRF.org that gives details about how JDRF funds research or a peek inside the lab. Here are a few links to get you started:

What We Can Be Proud Of in 2020
T1Detect: Learn Why You Should Be Screened
Clinical Trial Connections
Meet the Scientists

Social Media

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* The assets provided are intellectual property and copyright to JDRF. They must be rendered and used exactly as supplied. For the logos, do not change spacing, alignment, or relative locations of the design elements. Do not change the proportions of any of the design elements or the design itself. You may resize as needed but must retain all proportions. For the videos, no edits can be made without the permission of JDRF. Any reproduction or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action by JDRF.