Our Financial Efficiency and Responsibility

At JDRF, we are part of the very community we support. This makes us passionately driven to cure T1D and improve the lives of everyone impacted by this disease. This also makes us personal stewards of every donation made to JDRF and drives us to make each donation bigger by attracting the expertise and additional funding from other organizations and partners. In fiscal year 2019, we pulled in another $2.50 for every $1 that JDRF committed to research. We steward every donation and maximize its impact.

By diversifying our fundraising model, we have increased year-on-year investment in T1D research. Through innovative programming and partnerships, we are expanding support of our T1D community.  In the last three years, we have seen: 


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Our tax identification number is 23-1907729.

JDRF is a charitable organization with tax-exempt status granted under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. All chapters and branches are covered under this umbrella. Donations to JDRF are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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JDRF’s funding comes from many sources, the vast majority from the millions of people affected by T1D. Any contribution from pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers is small compared to what we raise directly from the T1D community.