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We are in a unique period of scientific progress in type 1 diabetes (T1D), a renaissance where promising science is advancing at an unprecedented pace.

At JDRF, we have been fighting to create a world where no one has to worry about T1D. We have invested 50 years of innovative research to understand and defeat this complex disease. Our investments have now led to turnkey opportunities from which we can make extraordinary gains toward our goal of curing T1D. Our loved ones with T1D deserve nothing less.


Now we are at a special time. Our aim and sense of urgency have not changed. Today, the difference is that we understand so much more about what drives T1D, our immune system and autoimmunity. We also now have new tools in research that didn’t exist even a few years ago. These advances add up to our ability to accelerate cures.

However, bold scientific strategies need bold philanthropic investments to propel into reality. Our Leadership Giving team works with individuals, family and private foundations, as well as corporations, to identify major gift opportunities that would allow major gift donors to reach their charitable goals and accelerate our shared goal of creating a world without T1D.

We have established several research initiatives. These efforts include innovating technologies and glucose control strategies, as well as addressing the behavioral health and psychology impact of T1D, to improve lives today and tomorrow.

Backed by JDRF supporters, T1D research has led to critical advances toward two open windows in the development of cures: beta cell therapies and immune therapies. We are also launching the Centers of Excellence, creating new research and funding models to further drive our progress. The innovative JDRF T1D Fund is helping to accelerate translation of laboratory breakthroughs into commercialization. Importantly, we have increased our Advocacy efforts to ensure that we can expedite the delivery of scientific advances into the hands of people who need them, while promoting healthcare access and affordability.

Together, we will make T1D history. Connect now with a member of our Leadership Giving team or contact us at 800-533-2873 and leadershipgiving@jdrf.org, to learn more about our major gifts program and explore how you can maximize your impact to change the lives of people with T1D and their loved ones.

Meet Your Leadership Giving Partners

Jennifer Biehler

Vice President, Leadership Giving

Josh Braunstein

AVP, Leadership Giving

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AVP, Leadership Giving

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AVP, Leadership Giving