Find out how JDRF has led the global scientific charge to cure T1D since our founding.

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Discover how JDRF provides life-changing support to people with T1D and improves their lives.

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Learn how we’ve delivered billions in federal funds for a cure while winning policy victories for people with T1D.

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Battling type 1 diabetes requires perseverance, thoroughness and creativity. JDRF leads the global scientific charge against T1D, and for nearly half a century we have channeled billions directly into research while unlocking even more funding from government and private resources.

This year alone, our direct fundraising was nearly tripled by the research partnership value and government funds we secured to take aim at T1D.

Because of our powerful research commitment, JDRF has transformed scientific understanding of type 1 diabetes. This deep knowledge of T1D’s roots is leading the way to preventing future diagnoses of type 1 diabetes and one day stamping it out altogether.

Unless someone stops the march of T1D, millions more will be living with the disease by mid-century.

Our research investments deliver on the promise of making life with T1D better. We’ve championed technology with that goal in mind from the first engineered insulin 25 years ago to recent breakthroughs like artificial pancreas systems and more.

JDRF is the link between research breakthroughs and the community living with type 1 every day. We coordinate clinical trials to ensure new therapies are thoroughly and quickly evaluated, and we keep the pressure on so people living with T1D can take advantage of every innovation.

Explore the science JDRF supports and learn more about our role as a funder and innovator leading research efforts and clinical trials across the globe.


The unique and resilient global community living with type 1 diabetes inspires JDRF every day.

Today, we support the diverse, empowered community of adults living with T1D while still offering a vital lifeline to families when a child is first diagnosed. Why? This deep connection is in our DNA: Since our founding by parents of children diagnosed with T1D, JDRF has focused on finding a cure while making sure that people living with type 1 feel supported, visible and hopeful. From the moment of diagnosis, JDRF is there with resources, opportunities to connect with volunteers and the simple but powerful message that you’re not alone.

Uniting the T1D Community

JDRF One Walk and other events unite the T1D community like nothing else can. Each year, nearly a million people across the country join together to show strength, raise funds for research and stand in support of people living with T1D.

Millions Raised

The millions raised through JDRF One Walk, Rides to Cure Diabetes and other fundraising events fuel research initiatives and strengthen the fiber of the T1D community all while serving as a powerful reminder of the work that remains to defeat type 1 diabetes.

We Want a Cure

We want a cure, and we won’t stop until we find one. The race to end T1D is a marathon, and we’re making sure the millions who live with type 1 and their families have the support, knowledge and community they need.


Twenty years ago, the fight against type 1 diabetes got a powerful new ally: the American people. That year Congress — thanks to JDRF volunteer leadership — created the Special Diabetes Program (SDP), putting type 1 diabetes high on the agenda of NIH and directing millions to cure the disease.

Since its creation, we’ve increased the program and fiercely defended it through federal fiscal crises to accelerate progress against T1D.

Nearly $2.8 billion in federal funding has gone into type 1 diabetes research since SDP began.

Over those two decades, JDRF has served as a sophisticated partner working for smart policies to help people and families living with type 1 while ensuring federal research funds continue flowing to wipe out the disease.

Political leaders know we’re demanding results. JDRF sends hundreds of adults and young people living with T1D to Capitol Hill, and to their representatives’ home districts, year after year to share their stories and lobby for funds to the disease. And we drill down into the pain points for people living with T1D, demanding better coverage for the disease under Medicare and taking on insurers for access to affordable insulin and new technologies to control type 1 diabetes.