Having type 1 diabetes (T1D) can increase your risk for additional health problems, particularly if blood glucose levels aren’t well-managed. The longer you have T1D, the higher your risk becomes for developing complications.

Fortunately, tools like continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and artificial pancreas (AP) systems are helping to reduce the risk of complications caused by prolonged high blood sugar. Annual checkups are also key to catching complications early and preventing them.

Here, we look at the most common complications in people with T1D and ways they can be prevented or reduced, as well as how JDRF is working to improve health outcomes on all fronts.

Editor’s note: This content was created in collaboration with our partners at Beyond Type 1. Explore additional resources about complications on the Beyond Type 1 website.

You Are Not Alone

Living with the burn of T1D can be overwhelming at times. But you’re never alone. The JDRF community has your back.