Let’s get physical with type 1 diabetes

From getting started to crushing your fitness goals, this guide provides some tips and tricks into getting the most out of your workouts.


People living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) can and should experience the benefits of exercise. Physical activity is great for your body and has positive effects on your mind—and T1D should not prevent anyone from reaping the benefits. Exercising with T1D does require extra preparation, but by following some guidelines, everyone can incorporate exercise into their life.  

In this inspiring video, Eric Tozer, JDRF ambassador and T1D athlete talks about his journey. Eric recently made history by becoming one of the first people with type 1 diabetes to complete the World Marathon Challenge, running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 consecutive days.

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Learn How to Exercise Safely with Type 1 Diabetes

Get Moving

Watch this video to find out why physical activity and exercise is important especially for people with T1D, key signs of high/low blood sugar to watch for and how to exercise safely.

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Stop the Drop

Some types of exercise are associated with a drop in blood glucose levels. This video explains how insulin and glucagon control the uptake and production of glucose and how they function during exercise.

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Anticipate the Rise

For some people with type 1 diabetes, blood glucose level may not go down with exercise, and in fact may rise. This video describes why this happens during or after exercise and what people with T1D should be aware of while exercising.

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Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Physical activity and exercise can be balanced with other fitness goals like losing weight with appropriate considerations for T1D. In this video, experts distinguish facts from myths and explain how to balance careful glucose management before, during and after exercise.

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Ramp up Your Performance

For people with type 1 diabetes who are competing in athletic events, glucose control can have major effects on peak strength, stamina, speed and agility. This video will help athletes with type 1 diabetes be prepared and successful in any sports they pursue.

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Your Child Can Exercise Safely

Like all children, kids with type 1 diabetes need plenty of exercise. This video provides general information for families, teachers, coaches and anyone around children with T1D understand the impact of exercise on blood glucose and what to watch out for.

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Get Up To Speed With Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

For Healthcare Professionals

The JDRF PEAK program explores the environmental, dietary, physiological and psychological elements that impact physical activity in people with type 1 diabetes.

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You Are Not Alone

Living with the burden of T1D can be overwhelming at times. But you’re never alone. The JDRF community has your back.