Curing Type 1 Diabetes

JDRF was founded to cure type 1 diabetes (T1D). We fight for that goal every day.

Racing in Collaboration

We work with researchers from all over the world, fund more than 100 grants annually and build collaborations so advances are shared and can build new breakthroughs.

Two Open Windows

Backed by JDRF supporters, T1D research has led to critical advances in two key areas. So promising is the work that scientists say they see two open windows, offering line of sight to potential cures. JDRF is accelerating our push toward those two windows, aiming to lift science through those windows and to the other side.

Beta Cell Research and Immune Therapy

The first key area of work is Beta Cell Research — which includes Beta Cell Replacement and Beta Cell Regeneration.

We know that when someone has T1D, their own body turns on itself, attacking and destroying the cells that create insulin. These cells are called beta cells. Understanding the role of beta cells, was a breakthrough that created an early window. We know that if we can save Beta Cells, we can cure T1D.

The second key area is Immune Therapy. T1D is one of the only major autoimmune diseases that still does not have a drug therapy to stave off, slow or cure the illness. But we are getting close.

Our work also is critically focused on Prevention, as preventing the onset or progress of T1D will cure the disease for so many.