Type 1 Diabetes Resources and Support

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Whether you're interested in joining a vibrant online T1D community, in need of advice from someone who’s been there or looking for educational tools to help you or your loved one manage the disease—JDRF is here to help.

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Whatever your question and wherever you are, JDRF’s online T1D resource community connects you with others—online or in your area—who’ve been where you are.

Support and information near you

JDRF chapters offer a variety of events to inform, support and connect you with the T1D community.

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Resources for the newly diagnosed

Along with several generous partners, we provide information to help you understand and better manage the daily burden of T1D to stay as strong and healthy as possible.

JDRF Bag of Hope

JDRF Bag of Hope®

When your child receives a diagnosis of T1D, it can feel overwhelming. As you adjust to life with T1D, you’ll find helpful information and support in the JDRF Bag of Hope®.

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JDRF Adult T1D Care Kit

Adult T1D Care Kit

The JDRF T1D Care Kit is a free resource providing information and tools to educate, support and inspire adults newly diagnosed with T1D.

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Toolkits for all ages and stages

Our free T1D toolkits for parents, adults and educators are comprehensive guides that arm you with the knowledge, resources and confidence you and your family need to navigate life with T1D.

Life with T1D

T1D affects every aspect of your life. Get the facts and gather practical tips from the TypeOneNation.org community on topics like diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, emotions and mood, relationships and socializing—to help you live your best life with T1D.

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