Meet the Scientists

Every year, JDRF funds hundreds of researchers—here in the United States and in countries around the world—with the goal of finding cures for type 1 diabetes (T1D) and improving the lives of people currently dealing with the disease.

But who exactly are these scientists behind the scenes? They are people who are passionate about research. They leverage every bit of knowledge to move cure research forward as quickly as possible, and they are willing to collaborate with others to pursue research roadmaps that are efficient and effective.

Join us as we roll out a series of short videos called Meet the Scientists. These snippets show researchers sharing their personalities and information about T1D projects. You’ll get a glimpse into the world of work your funding and energy supports.

See how researchers are collaborating on cure research and improving the lives of those people living with T1D.

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Meet the Scientist: Monika Niewczas

Translating clinical research into her practice for people with T1D.

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Meet the Scientist: Dan Anderson

Developing devices in an effort to mimic the pancreatic process in people with T1D.

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Meet the Scientist: Jennifer Sun

Using optical technology and imaging data to develop new therapies for people with T1D.

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Meet the Scientist: Mark Poznansky

Developing ways to perform islet transplantation, without immune suppression, in T1D.

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Meet the Scientist: Chandra Bhattacharya

Using chemistry to develop what may be life-changing for people with T1D: “smart insulin.”

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Meet the Scientist: Juan Melero-Martin

His goal: to make blood vessels that can surround and nourish beta cells, during and beyond transplantation.

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Dr. Colin Dayan talks about how his immune therapy trials are helping people with type 1 diabetes.

Meet the Scientist: Colin Dayan

Conducting clinical trials in the development of immune therapies, which aim to stop the attack on beta cells.

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Bridget Wagner, Ph.D.

Meet the Scientist: Bridget Wagner

She wants to find a compound that can repopulate the beta cells that have been lost in T1D.

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Elad Sintov, Ph.D., at work in the laboratory of Doug Melton, Ph.D.

Meet the Scientist: Elad Sintov

His goal: To find a way to transplant beta cells without the use of immunosuppressive treatments.

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Meet the Scientist: Jill Weissberg-Benchell

She wants people with T1D and their families to feel supported and empowered to be able to manage this disease.

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Jeremy Pettus, an endocrinologist at UC San Diego

Meet the Scientist: Jeremy Pettus

He conducts clinical trials of therapies that can restore the glucagon axis.

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Robert (Bob) Langer

Meet the Scientist: Robert Langer

He is developing ways that you can deliver insulin-producing beta cells without the need for immunosuppression.

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Meet the Scientist: Douglas Melton

Why does he want to find cures for type 1 diabetes? Answer: His children.

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