JDRF Leadership


Grant Beard

Chair, International Board of Directors

Michelle Griffin

Vice Chair, International Board of Directors

International Board of Directors for Fiscal Year 2023

Michael Alter

Elizabeth Caswell

Claudia Graham, Ph.D., MPH

Paul Heath

Karen Jordan

Joseph (Joe) P. Lacher, Jr.

Jeff Plumer

Jennifer Schneider, M.D.

Christopher H. Turner

Matt Varey

Drayton Virkler

Lisa Wallack

Karey L. Witty

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Team

Bala Balasubramanian

Chief Information Officer

Timothy Doyle

President & Chief Operating Officer

Sanjoy Dutta, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Katie Ellias

Managing Director, T1D Fund

Rob King

Chief Financial Officer

Tracy Mido

Chief Human Resources Officer

Pam Morrisroe

Chief Marketing Officer

Cynthia Rice

Chief Mission Strategy Officer

Steven St. Peter, M.D.

Managing Director, T1D Fund

Sydney Yovic

Chief of Staff & Head of Global Initiatives

Global Mission Board

The Global Mission Board is a group of national volunteer leaders who accelerate JDRF’s mission progress through special initiatives.

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