JDRF One Walk Spotlight on Anaplan SF

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We are very excited that Anaplan is a Hero Sponsor of the JDRF One Walk, walking for the third year in a row! Over the years, Anaplan employees have raised over $100,000 for JDRF. We were thrilled to chat with Anaplan’s Frank Calderoni, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Marilyn Miller, Chief People Officer, about their company’s interest in JDRF and how they plan to drum up even more support and interest among their employees. Spoiler alert – if Frank and Marilyn’s enthusiasm is anything to go by, we expect Anaplan’s engagement to be even stronger this year!

JDRF Bay Area: What did you know about T1D before you learned about JDRF?

Frank: I was aware of type 1 diabetes (T1D) but one of the experiences that really brought home the importance of T1D awareness and action was an episode that occurred on a business trip. One of my colleagues had a severe insulin reaction and paramedics had to be called. My colleague is doing well today but it was a very sobering event. I decided there and then that I would add my voice to efforts to create a world without T1D.

JDRF Bay Area: I heard there was some head shaving last year. How did that come about?

Marilyn: Yes, there was! Our employees challenged some of the management team to shave their heads if we met a fundraising goal. Well, we exceeded their goal so Frank, Dave and I, along with other volunteers, shaved our heads. It was a great example of our company culture, and that our employees  really appreciated the chance to come together in support of a good cause.

JDRF Bay Area: How does participation benefit your company?

Frank: As Anaplan continues its journey of success, we want to give back by doing what we do best – connecting people and causes. We encourage and appreciate all employees getting behind our philanthropic efforts and offer many ways individuals can get involved including initiatives like Operation Three Days where every employee gets three paid volunteer days a year. Fighting T1D and supporting JDRF is personal to me and as I have since come to discover, to a number of our employees too. One of our employees based in Florida shared the story of her child who has T1D. The team was so touched by her outreach that we flew her and her family out to San Francisco so they could participate in the One Walk.

Marilyn:  We know that our employees value community and that getting involved in communities is so important when choosing where to work. Participating in the JDRF One Walk adds value to Anaplan in that it builds relationships, and reminds employees to slow down and give back to those in need. We are very fortunate to be a part of Anaplan which has a very special company culture, one where we celebrate company values including collaboration, authenticity, and inclusion, and put these values into action by getting involved and giving back.

JDRF Bay Area: How would you encourage colleagues to get involved?

Marilyn: Frank and I welcome individuals and families to join us in San Francisco on Sunday, October 20th as we walk alongside thousands of other participants. In addition, we are encouraging the Bay Area business community to get involved by:

  • Recruiting walkers to create their own teams and joining a Walk nearby
  • Making a personal donation to JDRF, or
  • Getting creative and organizing their own fundraising event if there are no walks in the area

We will also be hosting kick-off events at some of our offices, as well as offering prizes, incentives, and contests to help us reach our fundraising goal – and I am hoping head shaving is not on the list this year!