Reflections from Government Day: Kelly Rawlings, Diabetic Living magazine

another Government Day video reflection – Kelly Rawlings, PWD type 1, diagnosed
at age 4 and the editor of Diabetic Living
, shares her views on this annual type 1 advocacy event from
her perspective as part of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). You can find
Kelly on the DOC through social sites like 
and Twitter.


Kelly is from
Des Moines, IA and was invited to participate in the
Diabetes Blogger Roundtable sessions during Government Day. Kelly says, ‘I’ve
served as my own artificial pancreas for more than 37 years. Please, improve
treatments and find cures for all types of diabetes so I can concentrate my
energy and passion on another worthy cause!

Also in
attendance as part of the Blogger Roundtable were the folks below, but I didn’t
chance to capture their thoughts on video so I link their names to their blog.  Take a moment to check out what they had
to say about Government Day as well:

Diabetes Online
Communities (DOC)