May 23, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Here are today’s top five picks this week from around the TypeOneNation community! Please join the conversation with other members and be sure to share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook too!

Choosing and Insulin Pump
@meg0206 is tired of multiple injections and in the process of switching to an insulin pump. She’s looking for some insider information from people currently using a  pump. Let her know your thoughts.

Mac Operating systems & Minimed Carelink
If you are currently running Mavericks on your Apple computer @gtarpey has a couple of questions to ask other Minimed Pump users.

CGM Users
@hegartyb recently called his insulin pump manufacturer and asked them how he can keep his CGM from being pulled out.  Here is what they shared.

Summer Travel

Summer is just around the corner. How do you prepare for traveling with your diabetes supplies?

Going to the Movies

Sometimes going out and keeping your blood sugars down can be difficult. @abbismommy03 asks the community what snacks do you eat or bring to the movies?

Whether you join the discussions or start your own NEW topic on TypeOneNation, we want you to know that this online community is a place for you to ask questions and share your own personal experience.