Fundraise for JDRF…Your Way


We’re excited to tell you about our new program, JDRF Your Way! This is your chance to put your time, talent and creativity to work to fundraise for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. You decide how you want to raise money and we’ll provide the tools and tips you need to be successful. It’s all about having fun, being a part of the most passionate community taking on T1D—and doing it your way!YourWay_1468x752-734x376-1

You can choose from our diverse set of fundraising categories—athletic events, special occasions and milestones, diaversary, memorial—or create your own. Are you training for an upcoming race? Simply create an athletic fundraiser and get moving for T1D research. Have a birthday coming up? Ask your friends and family to contribute to your fundraiser in lieu of gifts.

If you’re living with T1D, why not use the day you were diagnosed—your diaversary—to raise funds and take on T1D? If you want to honor the memory of someone you care about who was impacted by this disease, create a memorial campaign in their name. Or have fun coming up with your unique own fundraising idea that really inspires you—in which case the sky’s the limit!

Keep in mind that you can participate in JDRF Your Way on your own, or as part of a team.  There’s no required time commitment—you decide how and where to spend your time. And, we’ll support you at every step of the way with fundraising tools including:

  • A customizable personal web page
  • A dashboard to monitor your fundraising progress
  • Sample messages to ask for donations
  • Other downloadable resources like flyer templates, Facebook images, and more

For the millions of people living with T1D, stress, worry and sleepless nights are an inescapable reality.  By joining JDRF Your Way, you’ll raise money for life-changing breakthroughs to ease the incredible burden of this disease until we create a world without T1D. Not only can you make a positive impact—you can play to your strengths and really own your fundraising. So what are you waiting for? Check out today to learn more!