NFL Player Orlando Brown, Jr.: A Champion on and off the Field for the T1D Community

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In the NFL, some players stand out not just for their skills on the field but for their commitment to making a positive impact beyond the game. Orlando Brown Jr., NFL Super Bowl Champion and Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle is one such player. But it’s not just about football for Orlando; it’s also about tackling an opponent of the community and his family: type 1 diabetes (T1D).

A Personal Journey

Orlando’s connection to T1D is deeply personal. It began with his grandmother’s diagnosis. Then, unexpectedly, he lost his father, NFL Orlando Brown, Sr., to diabetic ketoacidosis, a complication of T1D. When his younger brother received a T1D diagnosis at age 11, Orlando’s determination to advocate for T1D research and education became unshakeable.

Stepping Up as an Ambassador

Orlando emphasizes that T1D’s impact on his family isn’t unique. He knows many face the same challenges – uncertainty, stigmas, and a lack of information about type 1 diabetes. However, he’s determined to use his platform to increase awareness and access to the life-changing treatments and technologies made available through JDRF-funded research. 

This year, JDRF is excited for Orlando’s new season with the Cincinnati Bengals. We’re also thrilled about his commitment to step up as an ambassador for JDRF, a role he has embraced with open arms. His goal? To educate people about T1D and the importance of screening, support T1D research, and use his platform to advocate for insulin affordability and policies like the Special Diabetes Program (SDP) to support the type 1 diabetes community.

Empowering Others

Orlando’s message is clear – he aims to empower those with T1D to pursue their dreams. He firmly believes that education, advocacy, and community involvement can create a world where no one faces T1D alone and one day, we can achieve our vision of a world without the disease.

Orlando’s story is one of hope and unwavering commitment to positively impacting the world. As he tackles T1D with the same dedication he brings to the gridiron, he reminds us that we can all play a part, both big and small, to reach the T1D end zone.

Learn more about Orlando and join the fight for the T1D End Zone.