JDRF One Walk Goes Virtual in Roblox

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JDRF One World is a virtual world built for Roblox, the #1 online gaming platform for kids and teens. It’s a family-friendly place where people of all ages can get together, play games, and learn about type 1 diabetes (T1D). It features minigames like Trivia Tug of War and Parkour, educational booths to about T1D, and an exclusive V1P tent that you can get into by collecting coins around the world.

JDRF One World is constantly transforming and expanding. A collaboration with JDRF UK added landmarks like Big Ben, Stonehenge, and the Loch Ness Monster. Other newer features include a “Quest for the Golden Rufus” treasure hunt and even a Washington, D.C. side quest in honor of JDRF Children’s Congress. With an 89% positive user rating on its latest game expansion, JDRF One World is a hit!

Charity Walk Simulator

Nearly four years later, JDRF One World has announced its biggest content update yet: Charity Walk Simulator. JDRF One World’s newest game mode is a tycoon simulator that puts players in charge of their very own JDRF One Walk.

JDRF Game2Give Ambassador Toonafeesh with his son, Tiny Toona
JDRF Game2Give Ambassador Toonafeesh with his son, Tiny Toona

The goal of Charity Walk Simulator is simple: players have to walk! Steps add up to earn players Blue Hearts, which can be used to build booths along the walkway, dress up avatars with fun accessories, and get power-ups. Charity Walk Simulator also has new non-player characters to chat with, trivia questions to answer, obstacle courses to master, and leaderboards where players can compete to accrue the most steps.

10-year-old JDRF One World player Tiny Toona, diagnosed with T1D at age 4, likes all the opportunities to explore in the game. “I unlocked a holographic Game2Give logo that was my favorite,” he said.

“It’s really cool,” says 7-year-old Jack, who was diagnosed with T1D a little over a year ago. “It shows you that having T1D doesn’t stop you from doing fun types of activities!”

Meeting kids where they’re at

Kids today spend a more significant amount of time in virtual settings, whether it’s playing video games or remote learning. JDRF’s One World meets kids with T1D where they’re at to provide a sense of community and connection.

JDRF One World player Jack and his mom, Jordana
JDRF One World player Jack and his mom, Jordana

Jack’s mom, Jordana, believes JDRF’s presence in Roblox helps her son feel more confident about living with type 1 diabetes.I find it so wonderful that Roblox has provided a T1D-friendly platform for a game like Charity Walk Simulator,” she said. “I can’t think of a better way for Roblox to normalize T1D than having this kind of game.”

Toonafeesh, Tiny Toona’s dad and a JDRF Game2Give Ambassador, views streaming and playing video games with his son as a unique way to make a difference. “JDRF One World is a great tool to raise awareness and educate people who may not understand what having type 1 diabetes means,” he said.

A world that keeps growing

JDRF has big plans for more One World expansions, including a virtual walk fundraising option.

“For those who cannot make it to a physical One Walk location, the participant can still fundraise and then get their steps in via JDRF One World,” says Josh Larson, JDRF Game2Give National Director.

These digital complements to in-person programs at JDRF inspire and motivate the T1D and gaming communities.

“There is a lot of optimism regarding the work that JDRF and so many others are doing,” Toonafeesh said. “Game2Give gives us an opportunity to keep pushing for a cure.”

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