JDRF 2019 Hope Gala Honors Lisa and Todd Klumok


Photo by Ben Rose

JDRF Hope Gala honors Lisa and Todd Klumok with the Barbara and Duke Roos Living and Giving Award

The Living and Giving Award is the most prestigious honor that an individual, couple, or family can receive from the Georgia Chapter. The recipients of this award embody the spirit of JDRF and are at the core of what we fight to do every day: accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. Four years ago, to help commemorate the 20th anniversary Hope Gala and forever solidify their longtime commitment to JDRF, the award was re-named after Barbara and Duke Roos, the first recipients of this award 14 years ago. Others among the inspiring list of past honorees include: Joan and Neal Allen, Kris Bagwell, Dr. Bruce Bode, Donna and Andy Cash, Carter and John Hipp, Paula and Jim McDonald, Penn and Net Payne, Andrea and John Pruitt, Debby and Jim Robbins, Laura and Rutherford Seydel, Barbara and Byron Williams and most recently, Jill and John Kampfe.

This May, the Georgia Chapter is pleased to recognize Lisa and Todd Klumok for over a decade of exceptional service to JDRF. The Klumok family was first introduced to JDRF when their son, Bobby, was diagnosed with T1D at the age of two. Since then, Lisa and Todd have inspired many with their unwavering support of JDRF and its mission. As a family, their dedication to JDRF is among the most influential in the Atlanta community – they hosted the first midtown support group that still continues today, they have raised $575,000 for the Georgia Chapter’s ONE Walk with the leading walk team, Bobby’s Band and Bobby represented Georgia at the Children’s Congress in 2015. Lisa continues to remain an active member of the Hope Gala Committee and our Outreach Program. She visits newly diagnosed families in the hospital and mentors parents in their T1D journey. Two years ago, Lisa organized the Woodward Academy Walk Team. As the Chair, the team raised over $105,000 in its first year, establishing Woodward as the number 1 walk team in the country.  Todd has shown his commitment through serving a six-year term on the GA Chapter Board, participating in the annual golf tournament and he continues to devote his time and treasure to finding a cure for T1D. As a couple, Lisa and Todd co-chaired the 2014 Hope Gala, and Lisa gave the compelling Fund a Cure speech at the 2010 Hope Gala. We are sincerely moved and touched by their influence within both the JDRF and Georgia community.

Please join the Georgia Chapter, along with co-chairs, Ashley, and Jack Reed and Mary Field and Andy Wise, on May 4th as we honor and congratulate Lisa and Todd Klumok for the significant impact they have made on behalf of JDRF and its mission to eradicate T1D.

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