Your JDRF To Do List: COVID Vaccine & More!


Looking for something to do this month to spread awareness and advance the JDRF mission? Check out the below to-do list for ways you can help!

  • Covid Vaccine – Georgia Update: Urge state leaders in Georgia to include T1D in phase 1C of the vaccine rollout in Georgia in the following ways:
  • Covid Vaccine – South Carolina Update: SCDHEC currently lists T1D in phase 1C of SC’s vaccine rollout plan. To look for more ways you can help, visit
  • Spread the T1D Love on Social Media! This month, in honor of Valentine’s day, we would like to celebrate the people who showed you love and helped you or your loved one get through the first weeks/months of your T1D diagnosis. We will recognize as many stories as we can through the end of the month. To recognize your T1D hero, see below:
    • Email us at with the subject line “Spread the T1D Love.”
    • Include a picture of your T1D hero
    • Share 3-5 sentences about your T1D connection & how this person showed you love during the first stages of your diagnosis!

For more information on how you can get involved, contact us at