Call to action from your 2019 JDRF One Promise Gala Chair

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Hello Friends of JDRF,

I am excited to have the opportunity to reach out to you!

I am partnering with JDRF this year. My history with JDRF and type 1 diabetes (T1D) is long. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 1992 when I was expecting my first son. I was reassured that it would “go away” once my son was delivered. Well, that didn’t happen, and I have been an insulin dependent diabetic since then.

A few years later, in 2006, I was contacted through friends and asked if I would consider being a host family for the JDRF Gala. That was the first year I was involved with this great group. We were honored as a host family in 2006, and it was such an amazing experience that I co-chaired the event the following year. Supporting JDRF has always been important to my family. Diabetes has affected other family members of mine, including my twin sister and one of my nephews. Over the years, new treatments have surfaced and hope continues with the new treatment modalities—but not fast enough.

I am so very happy and honored to chair the 2019 JDRF One Promise Gala! This group of volunteers dedicates endless hours every year to raise money for diabetes research. As I think about what this means to me, I focus more on children who have been diagnosed and the future children who will be diagnosed. As someone living with T1D, I know how difficult it can be.

As we plan for the gala and all of the fun and excitement, we need to remember. We need to remember all of the low blood sugars, all of the high blood sugars, all of the late-night phone calls, waking up with a child who is not feeling well and worrying constantly about the future. I would love to think that one day we won’t need to remember. I would love to think that one day we can be free from this disease.

I am excited to invite you to join me as I take on T1D in true gala style! I ask that you consider joining me in one of three ways:

  1. Choose to be a sponsor of the evening. If you work for or interact with an organization and are able to influence giving I ask you to reach out to me so that we can create a meaningful partnership between your organization and JDRF.
  2. Be a part of my committee! Bring your talents to JDRF and help me and other JDRF friends to create an amazing, memorable, and successful fundraising gala. We are looking for help with creating an inspiring Fund a Cure event (donations directly to the cause), an exciting auction, and a visibly sponsored and supported evening.
  3. JOIN ME AT THE GALA! We are excited to be creating an amazing evening filled with fun. I want you, your friends, and your family to come to have an amazing experience all while supporting a very important cause. There are many ways to support this gala and make it a success once you are there: silent auction, live auction, and Fund a Cure.

I realize the ask is strong, and if you can do more, do it. I know that many of you may not be able to attend. The ask is still real, and if you can make it happen, please do. I would love to have each of you join me!

Please respond back to me to let me know how you would like be a part of it all. I want to get the list together and make this night amazing. Thank you, thank you for reading this and for all of your support through the years.

Most sincerely,

Lynn Testaiuti and sons Ross Testaiuti, Marco Testaiuti, and Cole Testaiuti


If you are interested in getting involved with the 2019 JDRF One Promise Gala, please contact the JDRF Eastern PA Chapter at or 610-664-9255.