The Grasso Family


We are grateful for JDRF’s commitment to funding research and advancing technology for type one diabetics like our son, Robby.  JDRF provides hope for a future free of type one diabetes.

Robby was diagnosed in 2014 at age 8.  He had the classic symptoms of an individual with T1D which began after a virus.  After a three day hospital stay at CHOP, we came home to injections, finger pricks, charts, and carb counting.  As parents, we were overwhelmed and unsure how this would impact our son’s very active life.

Almost 10 years later, Robby is now  an expert carb counter, manages his blood sugar and adjusts his own insulin.  He serves as a youth ambassador for JDRF and we have become more involved with JDRF events as a family.  JDRF has provided the technology and tools necessary for Robby to compete at a high level in the classroom, baseball field and in life.  Robby has recently committed to play Division 1 baseball after high school, a dream that would not be possible without advancements funded by JDRF.  Robby and other type one diabetics are able to  live a life without limitations because of JDRF’s mission.