JDRF Stronger Together Bingo


While you are home from school and work, JDRF has put together a fun way to stay conntected and active! Join us for Stronger Together Bingo!
Starts Sunday, March 29

The first five people who get five down, five across, or five diagonal on their boards will win Bingo and a JDRF water bottle.


How Does It Work?


Step 1: Download the Stronger Together Bingo Card and Fill It In.

Download the JDRF Stronger Together Bingo Card. Print it out and fill it in with the 24 different activities from the list. Then post your completed board to Instagram and/or Facebook by March 29 and tag JDRF (@jdrfnewenglandchapter).
JDRF Stronger Together Bingo






Step 2: Each day check out our social media stories to receive the day’s clue.

Complete that day’s activity and then post a pic or video on Instagram or Facebook for all to see. Don’t forget to tag us! Then you can color in your Bingo square using crayons, a bingo marker or just crossing out the box. Feel free to get creative!






Step 3: The first five people to get five in a row wins a prize!

If you’re one of the first five people to get Bingo you’ll win a JDRF water bottle! Once you get five in a row, email a photo of your completed board to newengland@jdrf.org.